Newbury Spring Festival Concert Review – FUGATA QUINTET

Newbury Spring Festival Concert Review

Fugata Quintet –
Corn Exchange, 24 May 2013


A fast paced, fiery programme which weaved its way through Piazzolla’s mind to reveal brutish passion, moody, sullen harmonies and sentimental melodies that lingered over the mesmerized audience, only to rip the carpet from under their feet again with rhythmic driven outbursts. The Fugata Quintet, comprising of five virtuosic musicians has an astonishing energy about it – the intensity of concentration and level to which they gave themselves to the music had the audience entranced from the word go. ‘Adios Nonino’ was played beautifully, with so much love and understanding, and went down extremely well with the audience (who were not afraid to shout ‘bravo!’ at the end of every piece). The many children in the balcony were fascinated by the interesting percussive effects the musicians put to use, the violinist, Mavroudis, in particular who slipped in glissandi, pizzicato and scratching sounds with the heel of the bow to intensify the complex rhythms driving Piazzolla’s music. The rich harmonies and rhythmic interest conjured up a picture of his native Argentina and the strong tango influence and playing style of the quintet made for very vivid representations of his subject matter. “All the rages I have inside me – I take my revenge on a shark!” – Perhaps the climax of the concert was ‘Escualo’ (‘Shark’) in which it was almost possible to see the struggle he had to fight the big fish!

Heather Ryall, 23

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